Science Week 2020

Science week took place from Nov 8th-15th in St. Brigid's. The classes engaged in lots of Science activities during the week. Junior Infants did some cool science experiments. Their favourite one was the rainbow skittle experiment. They also learned all about their senses (smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing) and even got to taste some sweet, bitter, sour and salty foods.

Senior infants learned all about our solar system and the planets. They made really interesting space mobiles out of paper mache and also got to make slime. They also had great fun coding using Scratch Junior on the iPads and using the BeeBots.

First Class did lots of investigating using magnets. They tested a variety of materials to see whether they were magnetic or not. 

Second Class did wonderful projects based on the solar system and the planets. During the week the girls engaged in coding activities using the WeDo Lego kits and the BeeBots. They explored shadows and discovered how to make 'finger shadow puppets'. They also investigated different types of materials to see if they were opaque or transparent. 

Third Class engaged in a 'WeDo Workshop' where they coded their Lego robot 'Milo' to move. This involved the girls working together as a team and to problem solve. The girls thoroughly enjoyed using the kits and hope to use them again in the future.

Fourth Class did a very cool experiment. They investigated if the mass or the length of the pendulum affected the pendulum period (how long it takes the pendulum to swing back to the beginning). They used three different weights of varying mass and three different lengths of string. They discovered that the mass didn't affect the time taken for the pendulum to return to the beginning and that the length of string affected the pendulum period. 

4th-6th class also held a 'Science Day' were they showcased many exciting experiments in front of their peers. The girls put a lot of work into their experiments, researching ideas and gathering materials for the day. All classes thoroughly enjoyed Science Day and got to experience many wonderful experiments such as 'elephant toothpaste, lava lamps, dancing raisins' and lots more.

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Science Week 2020

  1. Outdoor Classroom Learning Day
  2. Texaco Art Competition
  3. Halloween in St. Brigid's
  4. Maths Week 2020!
  5. Senior Infants Working Hard!!!
  6. First week in Junior Infants
  7. End of Year Video - Junior Infants
  8. End of Year Video Ms. Delany Room 9
  9. Fun Activities
  10. Great Memories from 1st Class
  11. Sports Week
  12. 4th Class Nature and Outdoor Activities
  13. 4th Class Science Projects
  14. 4th Class Ice-Cream Creations
  15. Japan and Origami
  16. 4th Class Norman Castles
  17. Staying Active at Home - Active Week
  18. Staying safe during school closure
  19. Seachtain na Gaeilge 2020!
  20. Engineering Week 2020
  21. SEAI Energy Workshops
  22. Photography in 6th Class
  23. Tag Rugby Blitz
  24. World Book Day 2020
  25. Swimming
  26. SciFest
  27. Imaginosity
  28. Science Blast 2020
  29. Intercultural Day!
  30. Safer Internet Day
  31. Busy January in Junior Infants
  32. Third Classes are learning to play the Recorder!
  33. Spring Flowers in Fourth Class
  34. Jelly Babies Galore!
  35. Credit Union Quiz
  36. 2nd Class Visit Central Bank
  37. Lego fun!
  38. Grandparents Day!!
  39. Mindfulness and Meditation with Sally
  40. Cycling Safety in 5th Class
  42. Santa's Visit and The Christmas Raffle
  43. Senior Infants Wriggly Nativity 2019
  44. Christmas Art Competition 2019
  45. 4th Class visit URF Academy Riot Games
  46. Christmas Carol Service 2019
  47. ESB Workshop
  48. Sam Maguire comes to St. Brigid's
  49. Festive Fitness Fun Day!
  50. 2nd Class Space Projects
  51. Christmas Shoe Box Appeal
  52. Science Week 2019
  53. Halloween 2019
  54. October in Junior Infants!
  55. Junior Achievement Award
  56. Harry Potter Day!
  57. Maths Week 2019
  58. Farmyard in our Schoolyard!
  59. 4th class love Knitting!
  60. The Magic of Being Healthy Project Using ICT
  61. September in our Junior Infant classes!
  62. September in Ms.Furey's Senior Infants
  63. Learning about the Playground
  64. School's Out!
  65. Fourth Class Knitting Display 2019
  66. Dog's Trust Visit
  67. Junior Achievement 4th Class Trip to Top Oil
  68. 5th Class School Tour to Harbour Splash
  69. 6th Class School Tour to Kippure!
  70. Gardening in 4th Class!
  71. 4th Class School Tour to Causey Farm!
  72. Spelling Bee!
  73. Perfect Picasso Style Plates
  74. Radio Advertisements Room 9
  75. Junior Achievers Room 9
  76. Projects on Japan Fourth Class
  77. Explorium
  78. GAA Final
  79. The Knitting Ninjas!
  80. Fourth Class Paired Reading
  81. Summer Flowers
  82. Cool Correspondence!
  83. 3rd Class Friendship Poem
  84. Fleadh Áth Cliath 2019
  85. Active Week
  86. Soccer
  87. SEAI Workshops
  88. Clay Pottery
  89. Mother's Day Flower Arranging
  90. Viking Projects
  91. Knitting Creations
  92. Visit from Dublin Zoo
  93. Lord Mayor's Visit
  94. Junior Entrepreneurs Programme
  95. Seachtain na Gaeilge
  96. Science Blast
  97. World Book Day 2019
  98. Ryan Tubridy Writes to Third Class
  99. Springtime Reading in the Sun
  100. Visit from Dental Nurse
  101. Infants Visit Imaginosity
  102. Student Council
  103. Mindfulness and Meditation with Sally
  104. 3rd Class Ancient Egyptian Projects
  105. European Week of Sport 2016
  106. Cycling Safety in 5th Class
  107. Construction in 5th Class
  108. Fourth Class Jelly Baby Challenge
  109. Peace Proms
  110. Credit Union Quiz
  111. Áistear Constructions
  112. STEM Projects 6th Class
  113. Buddy Reading 6th Class
  114. Whole School Christmas Singing
  115. Deck the Halls in 5th class!
  116. 5th Class Christmas performance preview
  117. Christmas Carol Service
  118. Junior Infant Singalong and Senior Infant Wriggly Nativity
  119. Snow much Fun in 1st class!!
  120. Christmas Artwork & Decorations
  121. Maths, Science and Art Fun in 4th class Rm 10
  122. Post Office Aistear in Senior Infants
  123. Fun with Lego in Room 9
  124. Science Week 2018
  125. Knitting in 4th class!
  126. The Great Famine - 5th class
  127. Halloween performance by 2nd classes!
  128. Botanic Gardens Trip for 6th class
  129. Buddy reading S.Infants & 6th classes
  130. Halloween Costumes
  131. Halloween Bakesale
  132. Hogwarts in 5th
  133. Maths Week 2018
  134. Artwork Displays
  135. World Mental Health Day 2018
  136. European Week of Sport 2018
  137. Green Schools Award Ceremony
  138. Cumann na mBunscol Athletics 2018
  139. End of Year Party for our Sports teams
  140. First, Second and Third Class Tour to Newgrange Farm
  141. Ms.Malone's Junior Infants enjoy library & computers
  142. Tazmin's Lego Guitar
  143. Active Week 2018
  144. Dublin FAI Soccer Finals
  145. 5th class tutor S.Inf in the Computer Room
  146. 4th class tour to Causey Farm
  147. Strawberry Planting in Junior Infants
  148. Dublin Zoo visits our school!
  149. Belated World Book Day!
  150. Infants on an Easter Egg Hunt!
  151. 5th Class trip to Sea Book Festival
  152. 2nd class trip to Botanic Gardens
  153. Seachtain na Gaeilge 2018!
  154. Choir perform at Feis Ceoil
  155. FAI Soccer Tournament
  156. Sow & Grow in 5th Class
  157. Greek theatre masks in 1st class
  158. Indoor planting
  159. Sunflowers in junior infants!
  160. 3rd class learn about the Egyptians!
  161. Engineers Week in 4th & 6th classes
  162. Infants trip to Imaginosity
  163. Ireland's Got Talent
  164. Credit Union Quiz
  165. Library Spring Clean
  166. Senior Infants St. Valentine's Day Pinch Pots
  167. 4th class news!
  168. Safer Internet Day 2018
  169. Class news from Junior Infants!
  170. Class news from Ms.Flynn's 1st class!
  171. Sam Maguire Cup visits us!
  172. Our new bird feeding stations
  173. 4th class participate in the RDS Primary Science Fair!
  174. Christmas Performances
  175. Festive Fitness Fun Day!
  176. Christmas Artwork & Decorations
  177. 4th Class visit Le Chéile for Food Science workshop
  178. 3rd class visit our local Super Valu!
  179. Coding/Lego in 4th class
  180. Learnit Lego Workshops!
  181. 5th class trip to the Jeanie Johnston
  182. Science Week 2017
  183. Choir record a Christmas Album!
  184. Waste Workshop for 3rd class
  185. Our green team plant lots of trees!
  186. Halloween bake sale & costumes
  187. 5th class bring Hogwarts to St.Brigid's!
  188. Halloween Art & Crafts around the school
  189. Traditional Halloween Games in 4th Class
  190. 4th Class learn about the Skeletal System
  191. 6th class trip to Botanic Gardens
  192. Maths Week 2017
  193. Student Teacher Penalty ShootOut 2017
  194. Junior Infants first month!
  195. A busy month for Senior Infants
  197. 6th Class News
  198. Road Safety Talk
  199. Past pupils artwork feature in an Irish movie!
  200. Welcome Junior Infants!
  201. #BeActive Education Award
  202. Singin' in the Rain
  203. New playground markings!
  204. The Lifecycle of a Butterfly in 2nd Class!
  205. Mad Hair Day & Ice-Cream!
  206. New Computer Room
  207. Fun Word Hunt for 2nd & 3rd classes!
  208. 3rd Class trip to St.Anne's Park
  209. Cumann na mBunscol Friendship Games in Belfast
  210. 2nd class learn about different countries!
  211. Father's Day Art and Crafts!
  212. 5th Class Tour to National Aquatic Centre
  213. Spaghetti Tower Marshmallow Challenge in 6th Class!
  214. Wake Up Shake Up Aerobics
  215. Student-teacher Dodgeball game & Skipathon
  216. Student Teacher Penalty Shoot Out!
  217. 4th Class go Kayaking!
  218. Active tour to Pine Forest Art Centre
  219. Infants go on a Minibeast hunt!
  220. Biodiversity in 5th Class
  221. 3rd Class learn about France!
  222. Travel & transport in Infants!
  223. Basketball Champions!
  224. 4th Class get stuck in the mud!
  225. 5th Class enjoy Dublin Hop On Hop off Bus Tour!
  226. First Holy Communion
  227. Athletics in Santry
  228. Scoilnet Star Site Award for our school website!
  229. Senior GAA Semi final
  230. Active Week Activities!
  231. Table Quiz Fundraiser
  232. We're getting active!
  233. Infants enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt!
  234. 2nd classes have an Easter Egg Hunt!
  235. The Effects of Sugary Drinks: 5th Class
  236. Triumph for our Choir!
  237. FAI/Spar Soccer Tournament
  238. 2nd Class Mother's Day Art &Fun in the Sun!
  239. 6th & 1st Classes enjoy Paired Reading!
  240. Flower Arranging in 6th Class!
  241. 4th Class Projects on the Maori People
  242. 6th Class Arts & Crafts
  243. Traditional Irish Music Workshops!
  244. Seachtain na nGaeilge sa Scoil!
  245. 1st game versus Belgrove
  246. Senior Infants Spring Hunt!
  247. 3rd Class Spring Art!
  248. 5th Class Sow & Grow!
  249. Junior & Senior Infants on Tour!
  250. Raheny Fair Play Tournament 2017
  251. 5th Class Present their Projects on the Continents!
  252. SEAI Workshop
  253. A Healthy Eating Week in Junior Infants!
  254. Workshops with Graffiti Classics String Quartet!
  255. 6th Class complete a marathon!
  256. At Home with Aistear in Senior Infants
  257. Static Electricity in 2nd Class!
  258. Member First Credit Union School Quiz 2017
  259. Intel Mini Scientist National Finals!
  260. A visit from Sam Maguire !
  261. St Brigid's Day!
  262. Our Awesome Active Week with Hercules! (5th Class)
  263. Chinese New Year celebrations!
  264. Baking in 2nd class!
  265. GAA Healthy Club Project
  266. Junior Infant News!
  267. 6th Class Christmas Art & Crafts
  268. Senior Infants Wriggly Nativity 2016
  269. Santa's Visit!
  270. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
  271. Our Mini-Scientists are through to National Finals!
  272. Basketball Teams
  273. Mini Scientists!
  274. Christmas Jumper Day in aid of LauraLynn & a special visit from RTE!
  275. Pointillism in Ms.Flynn's 1st class!
  276. Learnit Lego Workshops!
  277. Science week in Ms.Delany's 6th class!
  278. Ms.O'Donovan's class perform a flashmob dance!
  279. Team Hope Shoe-box Appeal
  280. 5th classes attend Dublin Book Festival 2016
  281. Maths Week 2016
  282. Bake Sale 2016
  283. Spooktacular Halloween Costumes
  284. Choir performance of 'Double Double Toil and Trouble'
  285. Third Classes are learning to play the Recorder!
  286. Autumn is here!

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