The Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools’(HPS) Flag’ is presented by the HSE to schools as an acknowledgement of their work in improving the health of their school communities.   In 2019 St. Brigid's G.N.S. was awarded this special flag for our work on being a "Health Promoting School."   


Students, staff, parents and guardians were consulted to identify priority health areas. Over a period of two school years, the Health Promoting Committee developed an action plan to address the health areas identified.  St. Brigid's identified improvements that could be made to the school which included: 


·       Healthy Eating Plan

·       Mindful activities for the whole school community

·       Work on developing the physical environment

·       Promoting physical activity

·       Review of RSE and SPHE policies



European research has shown many benefits of this type of whole school approach to health.  Among these benefits are increased self-esteem, safer and cleaner school environments, lowered incidences of bullying, a positive approach to health issues, increased parent involvement and better student/teacher relationships to name a few and engagement in this process brought huge benefits and lasting changes to the policies and practices of St. Brigid's GNS. 


In St. Brigid's GNS some of the many health initiatives undertaken to support our strive to be a Healthy Ireland - Health Promoting School included: introducing Playground Leaders, gardening projects, Fun Friends/Friends for Life programme, Green Schools, Active School, Internet Safety classes and Mindfulness.

Work on all aspects of this initiative continue within the school.






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