The girls had a wonderful time celebrating Engineering Week in St. Brigid’s. There was lots of constructing, experimenting and designing going on throughout the school. Classrooms were full of things like wires, wheels, blocks, straws, Lego robots, circuits etc. It was really wonderful to see students problem solving and collaborating in groups and swapping teachers and classrooms! A big thank you to Joanna Nunes, Neil Hardy, Jose Fonseca and Louise Hopkins who came in to speak with the girls and share what it is like to be a real engineer. It was a fantastic week for all!

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Junior Teacher Swap Day 

Teacher Swap Infant classes Engineering week

Middle Teacher Swap 

1st and 2nd Class Teacher Swap- Engineering Week 2022

Senior Teacher Swap 

Teacher Swap Senior Classes

Engineering Workshop with Louise Hopkins 

Lara's auntie visits 3rd for Engineering Week



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