Our Staff 2022/23


Super secretary: Paula

Coolest (also crucial) caretaker: Noel

Lovely lollipop lady: Dee

Caring cleaner: Jakki


Our teachers:

Junior infants are taught by Ms Malone & Ms Shiels

Senior infants are taught by Ms Reilly & Ms Kinahan

1st class are taught by Mrs McDonald & Ms O’Connor

2nd class are taught by Ms O’Donovan & Ms Brady

3rd class are taught by Ms O’Boyle & Ms Quinn

4rd class are taught by Ms McKenna & Ms Flynn

5th class are taught by Ms O’Neill & Ms Delany

6th class are taught by Ms Barry & Ms McGrane


Our special needs assistants are:






Our Principal is Ms Laura Wickham


Our Deputy Principal is Ms Elaine Howard

Ms Howard is also our Special Education Coordinator and our Special Education Teachers at the moment are:

Ms Roote, Ms Quinn, Ms Gallagher & Ms Kennedy


Ms Wickham, Ms Howard, Ms Shiels (AP1), Mrs McDonald (Ap2)  Ms Flynn (AP2) & Ms Barry (AP2) currently make up our Management team


Ms Carmel Reid is the Chairperson of our Board of Management 






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St. Brigids Road,


Dublin 5



Email: info@stbrigidsgns.ie
Telephone: +353 (1) 831 5138