Tips for Caring for Your Teeth (Ages 2-7years)

  • Always brush twice a day, at bedtime and one other time during the day.

  • Use a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste

  • Use a soft/medium toothbrush

  • Clean every tooth

  • Brush for 2-3 minutes (about the length of a song)

  • Spit, don't rinse after brushing

  • Change your toothbrush when bristles are worn

  • Visit your dental team once a year for advice and a check up to prevent tooth decay and gum disease


Diet Tips

  • Choose healthy snacks between meals such as whole fruits.   Limit sweets, chocolate, biscuits and sugary drinks to mealtimes.

  • Unflavoured milk and water are the most tooth friendly drinks.

  • Limit fruit juice or fruit smoothies to a small glass once a day, with a meal and always choose unsweetened.

  • Read food labels for sugar content.  Less than 5g per 100g is low sugar.  Don't add sugar to food or drinks.


General Tips

  • Always make sure your child wears a mouth-guard when playing sports to help reduce the risk of dental injuries.

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