SEAI Workshops

The girls in Senior Infants, 2nd Class and 4th Class got the opportunity to take part in an SEAI workshop where they explored the topic of energy and sustainability in a fun and engaging way. 

Senior Infants got to meet GUZZLER the puppet who loves to waste energy. Through a series of games and activities they learned where our energy comes from. They also learned about the importance of saving energy and how we can make simple changes to help save our environment.

2nd and 4th classes learned about energy and how we can conserve energy in an interactive way.The girls got to carry out a variety of experiments and played the energy game where they were quizzed on what they learned . During the workshop they talked about:

  • The principals of energy

  • The current global problems and what we can do to help

  • The science of energy and climate change.

It was great fun !!

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SEAI Workshops



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