Green Schools Award Ceremony

On Tues 22th May, Kate and Rachel travelled to the Helix, DCU for the Green Schools awards ceremony. Our school was awarded our 5th Green Flag for Biodiversity. 

The meaning of ‘Biodiversity’ is easy to understand when we break the word down; “bio” refers to life and ‘living things’ and “Diversity” means just that; range or variety. The word refers to the huge variety and variation of life that surrounds us on planet earth. Maintaining a high level of diversity among plants, animals and all living things all around us is essential in keeping the environment healthy and fit for human life. This includes diversity within species, between species and diversity of ecosystems.

Over the past two years our school community has worked together on the theme of Biodiversity. We installed bird feeding stations, planted lots of trees and developed our school garden to include an insect hotel, planters with vegetables and herbs and planters made from recyclable materials. A fantastic effort from everyone!

Click on the image below to view photographs.. 

Green Schools Award Ceremony

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