This year we are working towards an Amber Flag at St.Brigids. The Amber Flag shows that our school promotes positive wellbeing and mental health. As part of our Amber Flag initiative, we hosted our first ever Well-being Week! Here is our timetable of exciting things we got up to!

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We also held a 'design a mindfulness colouring sheet competition'. Click the image below to see our winning entries.. well done to all  who participated!

Well-being Week Art Competition Winning Entries 

Other activities included yoga, gratitude journaling, circle time and nature walks.

Check out our whole-school well-being wall! Each one of our students created a 'shield' for Wellbeing; one section amber for The Amber Flag, one section with their favourite quote and the last decorated with doodles of things that make them happy. The girls had great fun picking out their own shields on the wall.

Wellbeing Wall 

We were also lucky enough to have some visitors join us during the week. The Junior classes participated in a storytelling workshop with Seosamh, and the senior classes took part in a Pilates workshop with Barbra. On Friday we all dressed up in rainbow colours as part of a fundraiser for Pieta House. 

Click on the picture below for more photographs.....

Wellbeing Week

A big thank you to everyone who participated and helped make our first 'Wellbeing Week' a great success!


The Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools’(HPS) Flag’ is presented by the HSE to schools as an acknowledgement of their work in improving the health of their school communities.   In 2019 St. Brigid's G.N.S. was awarded this special flag for our work on being a "Health Promoting School."   


Students, staff, parents and guardians were consulted to identify priority health areas. Over a period of two school years, the Health Promoting Committee developed an action plan to address the health areas identified.  St. Brigid's identified improvements that could be made to the school which included: 


·       Healthy Eating Plan

·       Mindful activities for the whole school community

·       Work on developing the physical environment

·       Promoting physical activity

·       Review of RSE and SPHE policies



European research has shown many benefits of this type of whole school approach to health.  Among these benefits are increased self-esteem, safer and cleaner school environments, lowered incidences of bullying, a positive approach to health issues, increased parent involvement and better student/teacher relationships to name a few and engagement in this process brought huge benefits and lasting changes to the policies and practices of St. Brigid's GNS. 


In St. Brigid's GNS some of the many health initiatives undertaken to support our strive to be a Healthy Ireland - Health Promoting School included: introducing Playground Leaders, gardening projects, Fun Friends/Friends for Life programme, Green Schools, Active School, Internet Safety classes and Mindfulness.

Work on all aspects of this initiative continue within the school.





Physical Education

·      The children have at least one hour of time-tabled P.E. every week. 

·      The 5 Strands of the curriculum are being taught in a broad and balanced way.  There is a unified time-table across all the classes and strands are taught in blocks throughout the year.

·       We prioritise a different strand of the curriculum to be developed each year.  This year we are working on Gymnastics.  New resources have been purchased to support a broader Gymnastics curriculum.

·       The P.E. equipment is being added to on a continual basis and the Active Committee regularly check that it is all organised and tidied away.

Physical Activity

·      The children have physical activity breaks twice daily on dry days.  When it is wet the children engage in Active Breaks in their classroom.

·         Each class run laps of the school playground.  They record the amount of laps they do daily.  Some classes have completed a marathon already!

·         All classes get involved in Drop Everything and Dance on a regular basis.  The senior girls teach different dances to the girls each month.  When the weather is good, we often have a “Wake Up, Shake Up,” where we do all the dances together in the playground.

·         The school organises Active Fundraisers each year including a Skipathon and a sponsored walk.

        Every Christmas, Festive Fitness Fun Days are organised for all classes where the children engage in Christmas themed activities such as "Jingle Bell Jumping," "Icicle Hockey," "Parcel Relays", "Santa Sack Races," and "Bauble & Spoon race."  

·      The teachers give active minutes as a reward for good behaviour.  These can be used to engage in whatever physical activity each class decides.

·        St. Brigid’s has a Green Flag for Travel.  The children are encouraged to use Active Travel.  There are Walk and Scoot to School days organised regularly.  The school has a scooter dock for the children to park their scooters.

       A variety of after school activities are available to the girls in St. Brigid's these can vary from term to term but include basketball, Gaelic football, Athletics, Irish Dancing, mixed sports.

A    Every year our school participates in the European Week of Sport.  In the past, classes worked together to complete a whole school marathon (300 laps of the senior playground) over the week.  They also completed the Run Around Europe Challenge.  There have been many activities organised during these weeks which have included whole school “Wake Up Shake Ups,”  teachers challenging the teachers to a penalty shoot-out as well as whole school participation in our local Park Run in St.Anne's Park.



·         The school is linked with Killester Basketball Club, Craobh Chiaráin G.A.A. Club, Clontarf Rugby Club and Clontarf Cricket Club.  St. Brigid's G.N.S. also links up with the Fingal County Sports Officers & recreation services who have provided many exciting active opportunities to the school over the past number of years.   

       The school has also linked in with Junior Parkrun and every year the children are informed about parkrun and encouraged families to participate in this event.  At different times throughout the year, the whole school is invited to come together to participate in Junior Parkrun together.

·         As part of our four previous Active School Weeks, links were made with the local Cricket, Fencing, Taekwando, Tag Rugby, Badminton, Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis clubs.

·         Parents of children in the school gave lessons in Irish Dancing, Aerobics, Yoga, Soccer, Tag Rugby and Pilates and parents and grandparents of children gave lessons in playground games from the past.

·         Parents have been invited to come to take part in “Wake Up, Shake Up,” teach playground games from their childhood to children and join in on Parkrun events occasionally too.

 Active School Week

·         We have completed 6 Active Weeks to date which were so much fun.

·         During these weeks the children experienced Ultimate Frisbee, aerobics, Cricket, Tug of War, Irish dancing, Tennis, Fencing, Yoga, Pilates, Badminton, Tag Rugby, Taekwando, grandparents & parents taught playground games from the past, there were active picnics, some classes walked a mile with a smile, teachers challenged the active committee to a game of dodgeball and there were “Wake up shake ups.”

·         Our next Active week will be in April 2022  and lots of fun activities will be planned! 






In St. Brigid’s GNS we have been working on the Green Schools Programme for over 10 years.  We are very proud of all the work that has been done to date to achieve the five green flags that we have been awarded. A huge amount of dedication has been shown by the whole school community to attain these flags.


The programme is based on seven steps:

1. Green Schools Committee

2. Environmental Review

3. Action Plan

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

5. Curriculum Work.

6. Informing and Involving

7. Green Code.


The Green Schools Programme is a themed programme.  We are currently working towards our Global Citizenship Flag. We are learning about our responsibilities and rights as global citizens and making positive changes to our school environment and our practices. 


We look forward to raising our 6th flag some day soon! 


The themes are:

1. Litter and Waste

2. Energy

3. Water

4. Travel

5. Bio-diversity

6. Global Citizenship






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