Hercules Our Active Bunny Mascot

Hercules is a teddy that Emma from 6th Class brought into school at the end of September 2016.  It was Emma’s idea that girls in the school would have the chance to bring Hercules home with them and they could write about all the active things they did together in Hercules’ diary.  The girls in St. Brigid’s were very excited about Hercules right from the start. He enjoys being active in lots of different ways every week.  Hercules has been taken to some really exciting places and has learned so many new skills.  You can read about some of Hercules’ experiences on this page.

 Emma with Hercules and her Active Diary.


Róisín Stuart 4th Class Ms. McMullen (11/10/16)

I got to bring Hercules home today.  After coming out of school, we went to collect my brother.  When I was collecting my brother, Hercules played a trick on my mum.  He sat in the driver’s seat and pretended to drive the car.  When we got home, we had lunch.   Hercules had an apple and a banana.  When I finished my homework we did 20 jumping jacks, 10 press ups and 15 random jumps.  Then we went outside and Hercules did a proper hurling hit.  Then we just played some random sports like golf, soccer and G.A.A. football.  We had great fun.  Hercules sat at the side-line cheering me on as I played football in G.A.A. training.  I had a great day with Hercules.

Tamsin 2nd Class Ms. Concanon (25/10/16)

Today I brought Hercules home.  We walked all the way.  It took us half an hour.  It was a lovely bright and sunny afternoon.  After lunch and home-work was finished, we went out to play.  We scooted up and down the road with my friends.  We played tip the can and sly fox.  It was great fun.  Then I went into my friend’s garden.  She has a super trampoline.  Hercules bounced and bounced.  He had so much fun on the trampoline.  I did a somersault.  I am really good at these.  After dinner my daddy turned on some music.  We all danced around the sitting room.  It was funny, Hercules is a brilliant dancer.  Then I had a bath.  I am tired now.  It has been a busy, fun day with Hercules.

Chloe Rosmussen Doody -3rd Class Miss Wickham (18/1/17)

Today I got to bring home Hercules.  My mam picked me up and saw that I had a friend with me.  It was Hercules.  When I was doing my spellings, Hercules sat on my knee.  After homework we went for a walk with Hercules.  We played some games which Hercules enjoyed.  For dinner Hercules and I had some spaghetti bolognaise in my Grandad’s house.  Hercules helped me get ready for tap dancing and FACT.  Soon after my friend Abbie came to pick me and Hercules up.  We had so much fun.  In FACT we did dance routine to Mary Poppins.  Hercules learned how to shuffle but he had trouble with the double time step.  After an hour and a half of dancing, we came home.  Time for bed now, Hercules and I are so tired.

Sophie Ward- 5th Class Ms. Farrell (23/1/17)

Today Hercules amd I had a great time being active.  Here’s what we got up to: As soon as I got home I went straight out to the garden with Hercules.  We stretched up and did some gymnastics together.  We did handstands against the wall.  We also did lots of of other tricks too.  After that we went on my cousin’s old scooter.  It was a perfect size for Hercules but maybe not for me, but we still had a great time scooting around.  After a while we went to the garden and ran around a bit.  Then we went to the green and played tag.  It was really fun.  Then we sat by a tree and relaxed after our very active day.

Saoirse Murphy Mrs. Regan 5th Class

Today Hercules came back to my house for the day and night.  When school was over I went straight to my car and Hercules sat in the back while I sat in the front.  As soon as we were home my mam made us dinner.  Hercules had mash potato and I had chicken and roast potatoes.  After our dinner we let our food digest.  Then we did five laps of my green (which is like a field).  After that we went in and had a drink because we were tired after the laps.  After a while we did 100 jumping jacks and then went on youtube on my phone for a few minutes.  At 5 o’clock I went to camogie training.  Hercules was sitting on the side-line.  Training ended at 6 o’clock.  Sarah’s mum collected me from training and dropped me home.  When I got home I had a shower.  Then we watched a bit of television.  We decided what we had done wasn’t enough so we wanted to do more active activities.  We did 15 sit-ups and 200 jumping jacks.  After that we were wrecked so we got into our pjs.  We watched a movie and played the wii.  By the time we had finished all that it was time for bed.  I really loved having Hercules at my house.  I would love to have her again.

 Mia Challoner 6th Class Mrs. Delany (3/10/16)

When Hercules came to my house we had lots of fun.  In the car on the way home from school, Hercules did jumping jacks and sit-ups, but I had to stay strapped into my seat.  I asked Hercules what her favourite word was, she said “Active.”  When we got home, we played basketball, Hercules made a basket.  Hercules went on the swing, she went very high!  Next we jumped on the trampoline, Hercules loved it.  Hercules then ate a healthy snack of a banana.  She also ran three laps of our garden.  Hercules came to French with me.  She helped in a French demonstration about position.  She learned a lot of French.  I taught Hercules the 5-out position in basketball and then we played more basketball.  Hercules is ready to play a real basketball match at this point.  I took Hercules to the ballet bar to teach her some ballet moves.  She learned how to do a demi-plie, an arabesque, a grand batman, a pirouette and a leap.  Hercules and I had great fun.  I have made Hercules an active award for being such a great active mascot.  You can see the award pinned to her top.  Hercules then did some jumping jacks and ran 10 laps of the sitting room.  She slept in my room and is now ready for another day of adventure.  I had a great day with Hercules.

Erin 3rd Class Mrs. McKenna (11/03/17)

Me and Hercules woke up and had a carrot and got dressed.  After she came to my Tae Kwando grading for my yellow belt.  It was so much fun.  The next day we woke up and hopped around the house.  She came swimming with me.  She loved it.  Then we went home and got into our pjs and went to bed.

Beau Brickley Mrs. McDonald 1st Class (17/03/17)

Today me and Hercules got out of bed and went down for breakfast.  After we did our teeth and got dressed.  After we went to the parade.  We did a hook a duck.  Hercules helped me get a duck.  On the train I saw Amy Brown from my class.  Then we went on the horses.  They were so much fun but I has to hold on to Hercules because she would fall off.

Isabel Corkery Ms. Flynn 1st Class

First we walked home then we did my homework.  Hercules is very good at Maths.  Then we went on the exercise bikes.  Hercules couldn’t reach the pedals so he just helped me push.  Then Hercules tumbled down the stairs.  I just walked and ran.  Then we did 10 jumping jacks and jumps then I read Hercules a story, its name was Thumbelina.  Then we played leap frog.  Then we played monopoly, she’s very good at it.  Then we ate dinner.  Then I brushed my teeth and went to bed.  I’ll miss Hercules.

Drew Hendrick Mrs. Devilly  2nd Class (05/04/17)

Today I got Hercules for a day and night.  As soon as I got out of school I had to go and get my little brother.  After that I went to Ballymun and had 10 minutes on my cousin’s PS4 then went straight home.  Then I gave Hercules a tour of my house then I got changed.  I tried to make Hercules a new dress for her to wear because the one she was wearing was a bit dirty and it says “Hi I’m Hercules,” and pictures of lots of sports.  I thought it was good, not amazing but my mam said it was amazing, I really don’t think so.  Next me and Hercules ran up and down the stairs 10 times but we were not tired.  We had dinner I had spicy chicken rap.  Hercules had a fruit salad and a bit of vegetables because she really likes carrots, lettuce and some corn.  Then we did some talking.  After I went to football training then we played a match.  It was 3-0 but then my team scored 5.  I scored 3 of the goals.  Next me and Hercules went out for a bit then I came in to write this.  It has nearly been an hour and soon me and Hercules are going to bed just not yet but when I do I will read her a story and go fast asleep.  I will miss Hercules and I hope everyone has as much fun as I had. 

Charlotte Senior Infants Ms. Shiels

Me and Hercules went to Irish Dancing.  We had lots of fun.  When Hercule and me went home we played hide and seek.  I got a Nutella sandwich and Hercules had a carrot.  After that we watched a movie.  After that we went to McDonalds.  She went on my bike to ride.  Then we went to bed.

Ella Murphy Senior Infants Mrs. Howard

On Saturday after G.A.A. training I brought Hercules home.  We had some carrots for lunch.  We skipped and went on my scooter.  It rained all day so we did some indoor games and then we cuddled up and watched a movie.  On Sunday I took Hercules to ‘Imaginosity,’and then we snuggled up for a good night’s sleep.

Alex Rossi Junior Infants Ms. Flynn

I had great fun with Hercules.  We played on the trampoline and Hercules bounced really high.  Then we went on the slide together and played hide and seek with my brothers.  Later that night we stayed up late and watched the movie “Sing,” together.

Lucy Byrne Junior Infants

Me and Hercules ate lunch together after school.  We also went down the slide in my garden.  Hercules watched me skipping.






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