March 2019

  • On the 1st of March, Junior Infants, Senior Infants and 1st class were visited by a mum who is also a dental nurse.  She spoke to the classes  all about Dental Hygiene.  They learned about which foods and drinks are high in sugar and so not good for their teeth.  The girls all got a new toothbrush to practise what they had learned in class that day.


February 2019

  • 6th class cooked some healthy Chinese meals with Noel as part of their learning about Chinese history and culture.

  • On Valentine's Day there was a Walk, Scoot or Cycle to School Day.

  • As part of Internet Safety Week, classes 3rd-6th had a talk about Internet Safety.

  • Classes are continuing their Mindful Monday activities.


January 2019

  • Our Healthy Eating Policy has been shared with parents and all classes have a list on display in their classrooms of different types of food that should not be brought to school.

  • Lots of books have been purchased to support teachers in their teaching of sensitive topics to their classes.

  • Teachers engaged in a Yoga session which was a very enjoyable experience for all involved.

  • Noel will be helping all classes to cook some healthy recipes over the coming months.

  • Our Student Council was formed this month and met to discuss issues that they will be addressing over the next few months.  One of these will be restorative practices to deal with disputes that arise between students.

  • The senior classes completed a bullying survey this month and all classes are teaching Stay Safe this term.



October 2018

  • Many classes engaged in Mindful activities to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day.

  • Sally has started mindfulness in classes.  Every class will get an opportunity to engage in a block of meditation classes throughout the year.

  • Classes are engaging in Mindful Mondays.



September 2018

  • Our first official Health Promoting Team has been set up and hopefully an exciting year is ahead of them.  The team includes teachers, students and parents of children in the school.

  • The team will look to continue some of the work that has been started by the temporary Health Promoting Committee that was started last year.

  • The temporary Health Promoting Committee carried out surveys to get some ideas about changes that needed to be made to the school according to teachers, parents and students.

  • Many of the school policies have been updated and some new ones created (R.S.E., S.P.H.E., Critical Incident etc) that will help to make our school an even more effective Health Promoting School.

 Click on the image below for photos of a dental nurse to the junior classes in March 2019.

Visit From Dental Nurse

Click on the image below for photos of meditation in the Junior classes February 2019

Meditation In senior infants

Click on the image below for photos on safer internet day

Safer Internet Day 2018

Click on the image below for photos of active week 2018

Active Week 2018



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