5th Class Present their Projects on the Continents!

The pupils in Ms.regan's Class worked very hard to complete their projects on the Continents. The girls got the opportunity to present their work to each other in the class, learning so much from each other! 

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5th Class Present their Projects on the Continents

A Healthy Eating Week in Junior Infants!

Junior infants have had a very exciting week.

The girls learned about healthy lunches and tried lots of different fruits and vegetables, including sugar snap peas, peppers, potatoes and watermelon. The girls really enjoyed this and have already started incorporating these foods into their lunches. 

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Healthy Eating in Junior Infants

SEAI Workshop

The SEAI talk was about saving energy and was delivered to some Senior Infants, 2nd and 5th classes. The girls talked about ways that they use energy.  They engaged in activities and games that helped them to discover where energy comes from, the importance of saving energy and the various ways in which they can save energy. They then met Guzzler, the puppet, and came up with ways to help him to save energy at home and in school.  The girls learned about how their food gets its energy and how the energy from their food is used to make their bodies work.  They investigated how clothes can be used to keep heat in our bodies and how moving around can generate heat. They also discovered that light, sound, heat and electricity are forms of energy. The girls really enjoyed the talk! 

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SEAI Workshop

Workshops with Graffiti Classics String Quartet!

All of the classes participated in a fun-filled classical music workshop today. Graffiti Classics played lots of different tunes on their instruments! Click on the image below to view more photographs and even watch a video clip below of all the action by clicking on this link




Graffiti Classics String Quartet!



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