January 2015

Welcome back everyone and best wishes for 2015. Application packs for new entrants intending to apply for a place in September 2015 are now available.  The closing date for applications is March 1st 2015. Please contact the school secretary on 01 8315138 for further details. Forms may also be downloaded from the website and returned to the school by post before the closing date.

Walkability Audit


Green Schools Committee


Going on our “Walk-ability Audit”


 Yes, the footpath is wide enough for us to walk to school!


Oh dear, no footpath here for us to walk on


Checking out the lane at the side of the school to see if it’s suitable to walk here. Yes, it’s safe and clean.


It’s safe here to walk, motorbikes can’t get through.


Um! The ground is uneven here because of the roots of the trees.


Path could do with a bit of fixing. No buggy or wheelchair can use this!


Footpath needs to be wider!


Lovely trees here for us to look at on the way to school.


Well, we have areas Dublin City Council could fix! We need signs to tell motorists there is a school here!